4 Reasons why I need to go back to Costa Rica

While I got to do so many incredible things while in C.R., there were lots of things I did not get to do as well. ¬†Being my first trip to Central America, I had to of course do all of the clich√© adventure things that are expected of someone traveling there: zip lining, white water […]

Now Hiring Campus Crusaders!

Well, the job title “college intern” sounds so, well, dull. Job titles are negotiable, so if Campus Crusader doesn’t fit, you can come up with your own title. In the end, yes, you are still a college intern, earning college credit (well, that’s the assumption) and potentially earning a little spending change as well.

Travel the World

The world is a book … traveling is how to read it.

Contiki: Once in a lifetime is sooner than you think

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Get your passport some action….

Contiki Vacations shows you how to get your passport some action!!

18 year old drinking age in the USA?

Where can you LEGALLY drink between the ages of 18 and 20, when you don’t have a passport?

Contiki: Creating travel addicts since 1962

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Some Reasons to Use a Professional Travel Consultant

Here is are just some of the 101 reasons to use a professional travel consultant, from the American Society of Travel Agents.

New Zealand with Contiki Vacations

A fantastic mix of stylish cities and panoramic landscapes, the North Island and South Islands of New Zealand offer a visual cornucopia of sites. Two islands, one great destination, come see why this was the obvious choice for Middle Earth.

Australia with Contiki Vacations

Surfing, diving, Koala Bears, and culture. Australia has something for everyone, and Contiki can take you there!