Now Hiring Campus Crusaders!

Well, the job title “college intern” sounds so, well, dull. Job titles are negotiable, so if Campus Crusader doesn’t fit, you can come up with your own title. In the end, yes, you are still a college intern, earning college credit (well, that’s the assumption) and potentially earning a little spending change as well.

Some Reasons to Use a Professional Travel Consultant

Here is are just some of the 101 reasons to use a professional travel consultant, from the American Society of Travel Agents.

Tips to Avoid Travel Scams

We have all heard the saying “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” Here are some tips on how to avoid a travel scam.

Passport Fees Increasing

Effective July 13, 2010 the US State Department is increasing fees for processing passport applications, renewals, and additional pages.

Myths About Travel Agents….

You can cut your own hair. You can sew your own wedding dress. But should you? Some things are better left to the professionals. Use a travel agent and get the vacation experience of a lifetime.

British Airways Strike, May 24 – June 9, 2010

British Airways’ cabin crew employees union is moving forward with an union strike against the airline. Here are the details, and what to do if your flight is affected!