Mom & Dad

Your son or daughter has passed into adulthood and moved out of the house (even if only temporarily onto a college campus). But we understand, as parents ourselves, that you don’t stop worrying about your children on their 18th birthday or when they move out.

And then there’s the first “big trip” they take without you. Here are some tips that you can share with them, as they strike out on their first adventure on their own:

Travel insurance – cancellations, delays and interruptions by their very nature are unplanned, and can be costly. Travel insurance can often help cover some or all of these costs.

Not everyone speaks English, knowing simple phrases in the native language goes a long way.

Tipping customs vary in different countries.

Not all hotels have air conditioning in the rooms or even private bathroom facilities.

Don’t be surprised if hotel rooms in other countries are smaller than what we are used to here in the U.S.

The legal drinking age in many countries is 18; talk about responsible drinking while traveling.

When traveling outside of the U.S. it is important to keep your passport with you at all times – and to keep a color photo copy of it in a separate location (i.e. inslide luggage). It doesn’t hurt to leave a copy with someone back home either (like a close family member or their travel agent).

Discuss how they can stay in touch while traveling (with international cell phones, calling cards, Skype, or Internet Cafes), and the importance for doing so.

Cover safety issues, such as staying in groups, not wandering off by themselves, being aware of their surroundings, etc.  Most locations they may be traveling to are not going to be more dangerous (or more safe) than traveling to destinations in the US.  So think of how you would prepare them for traveling in New York City or Los Angeles, and apply those safety precautions to international travel as well.

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