Now Hiring Campus Crusaders!

Well, the job title “college intern” sounds so, well, dull.  Job titles are negotiable, so if Campus Crusader doesn’t fit, you can come up with your own title.  In the end, yes, you are still a college intern, earning college credit (well, that’s the assumption) and potentially earning a little spending change as well.

Officially, this job does not pay.  However, if your efforts result in business (bookings) then you will earn referral bonuses for those bookings.  But we’ll go over those nitty-gritty details if you are hired.

We do have a job description for you to review, but keep in mind, all internships are individualized.  We’ll take into consideration your area of study, what you want to get out of your internship, what your professor / adviser wants you to get out of your internship, and (of course) our needs.

After you review the job description, if you are still interested, drop us a quick email at telling us why we should hire you as an intern, the time frame for your internship (i.e. fall semester, spring semester, summer) and include a copy of your resume.

Good luck!!